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We’re building a global online influencer marketing platform for advertisers and influencers based on honesty, trust, and enthusiasm. Let’s get to work. We ensure user trust, protect user rights, and mitigate legal risk through policy definition, TOS enforcement, and safety advocacy. At LoongList, our top priority is nurturing a trusted open platform.

We’re building LoongList together, across the world.

Provide a safe and trusted platform
Our goal is to provide a safe and trusted platform where advertisers and influencers are honest, respectful and professional. You have our commitment. We will keep it that way.

Community Reporting
We encourage our community to report suspicious activity.

Trust & Safety Team
Our in-house team of experts reviews the data and customer feedback closely and takes appropriate action to protect the integrity of our platform. Low feedback scores and a high number of disputes aren’t acceptable on LoongList.

Real people. Real photos. Real identities.
Get to know who you’re dealing with. It’s great to put a face to a name, and that’s why we encourage real photos and names on LoongList profiles. We want to make sure everyone is using real identities.

We don’t sell your info
We promise all of the information you provide to LoongList is for the benefit of the advertisers/influencers’ relationship. We won’t collect your information and sell it.

Advertisers are responsible for their campaigns.
When influencers collaborate with a campaign, they’re trusting each other to do a good job, so if the two parties don’t know them personally or by reputation, do a little research first. LoongList doesn’t evaluate a project’s claims, resolve disputes, or offer refunds. Some campaigns won’t go as planned. Even with an influencer’s best efforts, a campaign may not work out the way advertiser hopes. LoongList have a track record, but nothing’s guaranteed. Keep this in mind when you start a project on LoongList.

We listen, monitor the system and take action. We hope you enjoy getting collaborated If there’s anything at all you need to know.

If you found scammer on LoongList

Scammers sometimes create profiles with creating misleading projects with links or follow you hoping you’ll visit their profile and spread deception information. The technology we use to fight it gets better every day, but it’s possible you’ll come across scam while using LoongList. You don’t need to worry if you see scam on LoongList or if a scammer’s account follows you – report it to us and we’ll take immediate action.

Report something on LoongList

​If you come across something that goes against our policies, you can report it to us. We’ll review your report and take action if we find something unacceptable. Our policies apply to both secret and public boards. When we remove a listing from LoongList, we also remove it from any secret boards it’s on. We review all reports manually, but occasionally we make mistakes. We’re really sorry if this ever happens to you! If you think we made a mistake,

Connect or disconnect someone

You can disconnect a person if you don’t want to interact with them anymore. But keep in mind that LoongList profiles are public. Disconnecting doesn’t prevent a person from seeing your profile or listings. There isn’t a list of who you’ve blocked, but you can always visit a person’s profile to see if you’ve blocked them. If your interaction with another person rises to the level of bullying or harassment, follow our reporting guidelines. If you’re ever concerned about your safety, contact a law enforcement agency.

Limits and blocks

​We have some limits in place to stop scammers, but sometimes they hit regular people too. We’re working to fix these limits so we stop scammers without affecting real people. We’re sorry for any trouble! You can’t log in because of suspicious activity. If you got an error that your login was blocked because of suspicious activity, we may have blocked logins from your IP address or we may have blocked all logins from your area. We’ll do this to stop a known scam or spam attack.

What is a verified account?

Any account with a green verified badge on their profile is a verified account.

Why does LoongList verify accounts?

​​Verification is currently used to establish the authenticity of identities of key individuals, business and agencies on LoongList.

What kinds of accounts get verified?

LoongList ​verifies accounts on an ongoing basis to make it easier for users to find who they’re looking for.

We’re constantly improving our platform and policies to create a better experience for advertisers and influencers. However, we can’t make any promises on behalf of the advertisers and influencers on our platform, and we can’t guarantee that every marketing campaign will have collaborated. To that end, LoongList does not resolve disputes, nor do we offer refunds once platform fees and/or listing fees have incurred.
A verified badge does NOT imply an endorsement by LoongList.

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