Great Campaign Image

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At lease 1024X576 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio. Choose a great text-free image for your great marketing campaign, influencers are often attracted to this first by great appearance.

1. Choose a great image for your great campaign.
Your main campaign image is like your appearance. Influencers are often attracted to your project first by its appearance.

2. Show your inspiration and motivation.
Let your campaign main image talk, show something unique, and worth the collaboration. It reflects your attitude about your project.

3. Keep it concise and text-free.
We typically think of your project’s main image in terms of aesthetics, it will benefit your campaign and our community.

4. High-quality & high-resolution are our ​favorite.
Use a high-quality project image that allows great expressiveness in most devices or settings they’re browsing with.

The screenshot below shows some great campaigns with great images.

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