Planning a Campaign

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A successful campaign gives your business a remarkable head start, plan ahead properly.


Doing research on the influencers’ audit data ( LoongList Auditor ) will provide you more confidence in why you choose the LoongList platform rather than other influencer marketing websites. You can view the influencers’ engagement rate by using our free analyzer tool.


It’s important that influencer agrees on the core goal or goals of your campaign. You also need to make sure your campaign’s success is specific and actionable. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? How will you know that you’ve hit your goal?


It’s time to evaluate the climate in which you’ll deploy your outreach. When you understand what’s going on around your issue or audience, you can plan to maximize the positives and strengthen your weaknesses. Identify what’s already working in your favor and what obstacles might cause your project to be misunderstood.


Layout the series of milestones that you must hit on your way to reach your goal. Ideally, these steps should build off each other and indicate that your campaign is gaining momentum. Focus these milestones on the desired influencers, rather than the tactics themselves.


Understand what kind of influencers who will determine your success. These might be your future business partners. Then, find out who will have the most influence on these influencers. These are the people you want to reach and activate to help your initiative gain momentum.


All projects benefit from a core concept that provides everyone in your organization with a consistent positioning statement. ​The core concepts need to be memorized and talking points to serve as a guide for your project.


Once you outline the main tactics to achieve your goals, you still need to plan the day-to-day details to get it done. Looking for a great promotion, like any other worthwhile endeavor, requires effort. There are no shortcuts.

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