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LoongList is an Ecommerce Influencer Marketing Platform to crowd-collaborate with influencers, promote brands, products, services & monetize your influence. Promote a campaign, share your ideas and expertise with the campaign team, and join the terms and conditions of bringing new and customized products to life.

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  • If we say the marketing campaign is like marriage, LoongList is focusing on Pre-Marriage, a well-managed influencer marketing will minimize the tough stage of "Marriage".

    Lawrence Bryan

    Business Development New Energy Automobile

  • It's narrow but deep when it's direct, caring, and you bring all advertisers and influencers into your process in the most dynamic way possible.

    Ottoline Lee

    ZHENGE Capital VC Fund

  • At LoongList, you’ll be empowered to focus on things that you’re passionate about. You’ll be given autonomy. Your marketing campaigns will matter.

    Olivia Wang

    CRM China Greentech & Ecology

  • LoongList has helped me connect with serial entrepreneurs to invest my money in. Now, I’m part of a Fortune 500 company and am happy with my shares.

    Ning Chen

    Project Manager Financial Services

  • At LoongList, we meet Chinese Shenzhen partner, we’re infusing artificial intelligence across everything we make and help solve society’s greatest challenges.

    Gwendolyn Bond

    Senior Researcher Artificial Intelligence

  • LoongList provides an advertiser and influencer collaboration tool to take the campaign beyond online marketing, as the influencer marketing procedure reduces the costs to the minimum.

    Daniel Yang

    Business Analyst Big Data

  • Geographic barriers and associated complexity make difficult to start a product promotion in many parts of the world, Loonglist Event is the best alternative to help.

    Isabella Bird

    Artist Art & Collectibles

  • It’s important that influencer agrees on the core goal or goals of campaigns. LoongList designs an easy-to-use collaboration process for all marketers.

    Seager Thanases

    Broker Intellectual Property

  • Selling-To-China is helping me get in touch with the Chinese market, it's an awesome approach to increase sales by shifting our product focus, really excited.

    Tyler Germaine

    Business Development BlockChain

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