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Affordable, easy, and friendly pricing.

Tip 1: Platform service fees and add-ons ( start from $0.00* ).
Tip 2: Credit card payments are available to all marketing campaigns, events, and property listings in USD, safe and secure Credit Card payments are processed by Stripe.
Tip 3: We do not store or see your credit card data.

Platform payouts for influencers/creators in a supported country:

ASIA – Hong Kong SAR China, Japan, Singapore

EUROPE – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

NORTH AMERICA – Canada, United States

MIDDLE EAST – United Arab Emirates

OCEANIA – Australia, New Zealand, can set up payouts.

For Influencer/Creator

Signup verification fee:  $9.0 or free

For influencer verification purposes (one-time only).

Or, follow, subscribe to our social accounts, and add hashtag #LoongList / mention loonglist.com on your social media post. We will get your account Verified for free. Simply send your post link as proof via email or ticket.

For Advertiser/Brand (Marketing Campaign Add-ons)

 – Listing Privacy

​Private Page: $19.9

List this project on the LoongList, however, DO NOT list this project on search engines.

View Permission 1: $9.9

Only registered influencers can view this campaign.

View Permission 2: $14.9

​Only verified influencers can view this project.

View Permission 3: $19.9

DO NOT list this campaign publicly, which is available to influencers by request.

 – Promoting

China Quality: $19.9

Let influencers know you are selling quality products that are intelligently made in China.

Top Project: $29.9

Reach more influencers by having your campaign in the top section of its category.

Selling-To-China: $39.9

Your products or services designed specifically to meet the needs of Chinese consumers.

Green Lane: $49.9

The system automatically pushes “System Notification” to related higher-level Loong influencers. ( 10X ​exposure )

Project video boost: $29.9

Make your project video continually engage more people on LoongList social media.

 – Campaign Chinese Version

Campaign Chinese translation: $99.9

Need full Chinese translation for your campaign? Our professional campaign assistants and translators are glad to help.

Marketing Events

Marketing Event: Free

Investment Properties

​Investment Property & Rentals: $9.9 ( ​Residential for sale / rent, Commercial for sale / lease )

Platform Fee

LoongList charges a 19% platform fee across all marketing campaigns. If you are an influencer and successfully collaborates with a campaign and collect its marketing budget on a proportional basis, our platform fee is 19%, as well as a fee to cover 3rd party payment processing.

Transaction Fees

Each commission that an influencer receives from an advertiser is subject to a transaction fee charged by the payment processor. Transaction fees depend on the location of your bank account. There may be additional fees charged by the credit card networks and payment processors. Please visit Stripe’s Terms of Use for more information on their fees.

Please Note

  • Your bank may charge additional fees such as currency conversion, wire fees, etc. LoongList always recommends you contact your bank for more information before entering your bank account information on your campaign. LoongList is not responsible for fees incurred by the campaigner as a result of a disbursement – including currency conversion, processing fees, or other bank/financial institution fees.
  • Listings fees ( Campaigns, Events, and Properties ) are non-refundable or transferable.
  • Platform fees ( Successfully Collaborated ) are non-refundable or transferable.

Thank you for reading.

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