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Changing your profile

Changing your profile options lets you control how others see you and your profile. Your first and last names are what appear at the top of your profile. We recommend having accurate first and last names – it makes it easier for people to find your profile.

​Profile picture

​Your profile picture appears at the top of your profile and on your cards, listing page, comments, and messages. We support JPG and PNG file types for profile pictures.

The About You section

The About You section is your space to tell visiting people who you are. You’ve got 260 characters to tell everyone about… you!

Your location

Your location tells other people where you’re from. It includes country and city.

Adding a website and outside links

Adding a website and outside links tell people where they can find more of your fabulous stuff. It includes your website, and Facebook, LinkedIn page.

​Your social network

​Connecting your social network accounts to LoongList lets you easily log in and find your friends. We recommend being logged in on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ before connecting your account.

Your notification

Your notification lets you pick how often you hear about what’s happening on LoongList. All your activities will list on the notification tab and we will also send you to push notification which we think you will like most.

Permanently close your account

Permanently closing your account means that you won’t be able to get your profile or projects back. It means your public profile will be deactivated immediately.

Tips for keeping your account secure

Tips 1: Pick a strong password that has symbols and/or numbers, use a unique password for LoongList—don’t use the same password on every site, don’t share your password with anyone—we won’t ask for your password by email, instant message or phone.
Tips 2: Watch where you log in, check your address bar for and are good, but or is not good.
Tips 3: When you log in, watch your login history on your settings.
Tips 4: Know the risks of using unsecured Wi-Fi
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