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Welcome to LoongList! Our aim is to help global influencers meet advertisers. This site is intended for global advertisers seeking influencers and who are interested in promoting the products, services, and brands. If you are not either of these, you should not attempt to create an account on LoongList. By using LoongList or allowing others to use the site through your account, you are agreeing to comply (and ensure the compliance of all others who are using the site through your account) with the Terms of Service as they are stated below. Your use of this site is dependent on your understanding and observance of the following terms.

These terms may be changed

It is possible that we may make changes to these terms in the future, although if we do, we will notify you of any changes, either through the site or through email. If you continue using your account on LoongList, you are demonstrating your acceptance of the new changes. Additionally, changes to the terms of service will not be applied retroactively, which means that new changes never affect your use of this site until the day they go into effect.

Creating an Account

You are welcome to browse LoongList before you create an account. However, in order to use many of this site’s features, you must register. You may sign up either as an advertiser or as an influencer, and by registering you agree to both the terms of use and the privacy policy. Because you are responsible for your actions once registered on this site, you may not create an account if you are less than 18 years old. Additionally, please ensure that your account remains confidential and don’t impersonate others or use offensive names. If you refuse to follow any of these rules, your account may be revoked.

Things You may not do on this Site

We want to keep LoongList a positive community for advertisers and influencers, so there is a list of things that you should not do on this site. Doing any of the following may result in your account being cancelled:

· Break the law:

Do not infringe on the law, other users’ rights, or any legal agreements that you have previously made.

· Lie:

Do not post any information which you are aware of is inaccurate or misleading.

· Victimize others:

Do not victimize other users, which include actions such as harassing, threatening, or invading other users’ privacy.

· Spam:

Do not send other users of this site unsolicited advertisements.

· Distribute viruses:

Do not harm other users’ computers or devices be distributing viruses intending to interfere with them.

Things LoongList are not Responsible for

The user is held responsible for all consequences of the use of LoongList; the site is not held liable for any damages that may occur. Also, LoongList will not become involved in disputes between users, or mediate problems between them. When you create an account with this site, you are agreeing to release LoongList from any and all claims and damages and to be held solely responsible for all losses that may occur.

Links to Other Websites on LoongList

LoongList may contain links to other websites, but what occurs on any other site is between the user and the other website; LoongList has no part in it. Additionally, because LoongList partners with other companies in order to process payments, when you use those services, you agree to the terms and services of the payment processor you use.

Intellectual Property

Although LoongList does not own any intellectual property that users post on the website, you grant the site permission to copy or use it in any way desired. Each time that you post on this website, you agree to the following terms:

· LoongList may use any content you post:

When you post on this site, you grant it and all its partners the non-exclusive and perpetual right to use all content and intellectual property without limits of copyright in any sense. Additionally, you give this site the right to make any and all changes to your writing that are deemed necessary, including editing, reformatting, and translating your content.

· You will not submit content that is copyrighted:

If you do not hold the copyright for certain content, LoongList does not allow you to post it under any circumstances unless you have permission.

· You are held responsible for all content you post:

The user is held solely responsible for ensuring the quality of the content, that it will not violate other’s rights, and that it is free of errors. Also, you are held responsible for the payment of any and all royalties or fees owed base on your content.

LoongList’s Intellectual Property

Because the content on this site is protected through legal methods such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents, you are only allowed to reproduce all content on this site for specific personal purposes without permission. If you are interested in reproducing the material for any commercial purposes, you must get permission. In order to modify any content on this site in any way, you must obtain written permission before attempting any changes. In cases of suspected copyright infringement, LoongList complies with the DMCA and responds to all allegations assuming they comply with the site’s Copyright Policy. If any content proves to infringe on copyright, you agree to allow LoongList to delete or disable such content. If you believe that certain content on this site infringes on a copyright, please visit the site’s Copyright Policy.

Terminating Your Account

If you wish to delete your account, you may do so at any time. However, please be aware that by creating an account, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions even after you terminate your account.

LoongList’s Authority

In order to maintain the integrity and functionality of this site, LoongList reserves the rights to:

· Make alterations to the LoongList site without notifying users

· Restrict access to the site and terminate the accounts of current users based on their actions. Also, LoongList may adjust its eligibility criteria at any point in the future

· Cancel or suspend any current or future campaigns at any time and for any reason

If any losses occur as a result of these actions, LoongList will not be held accountable.


When you choose to use this site’s services, you do so at your own risk and without any warranties whatsoever. LoongList disclaims all warranties and conditions, as well as all those implied anywhere on this site.


If any of your actions result in LoongList getting sued, you are required to hold the site harmless for all losses and to help defend against the suit.

Limitation of Liability

LoongList will never, in any case, be held liable for any losses or damages which occur on this site, should they occur.

These terms of service represent the entire agreement between the user and LoongList, so if you ever feel confused by information regarding these issues, simply read through the terms. These terms apply directly to you, the user; they cannot be transferred in any way onto any other person unless you obtain written permission from LoongList.


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