Create a Campaign (Step-by-Step)

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Running a campaign is an amazing adventure! However, Looking for influencers, like any other worthwhile endeavor, requires effort. There are no shortcuts. We here provide a helpful guide of step-by-step instructions on creating your campaign.


Getting Started:

​This simple guide is based on everything we’ve learned from current campaigns, most of them created by enthusiastic advertisers in our community like you. We hope this will help you get started with shaping your own campaign, your project can be any marketing activities or promotions that you want to create and share with potential influencers. It could be products, services, or increase traffic to your website, like, consumer electronics, real estate, a local restaurant, inventions, investment opportunities or the business & legal services. It’s not too hard; you absolutely can do it yourself.

listing fee starts from $0.00, and may vary depending upon the add-ons you select on “EXTRAS”:)

  • If you aren’t already logged in, please login or create an account, if needed.
  • Click “Create A Campaign



Once you’ve started this basic information, you will be taken to LoongList’s Create/Edit Campaign Tool.

  • Your new campaign will be saved in Draft mode.
  • When your campaign is in the Draft mode it is not viewable to the public.
  • You can keep your campaign in a Draft mode as long as you like!

  • Make sure your image is both interesting and relevant to your campaign. This information is what people will see on the LoongList landing page, and they should be viewed to click on it.
  • Your project title and short description are like the headline and subhead of your project — make sure you include a succinct explanation for your campaign.




– Use campaign description to share more about your brand, products or services, provide posting instructions to the influencers. Be as specific or broad as you’d like.

– Campaign Overviews
– Company / Brand Summary
– Product or Service Name and Description
– Call For Action, Summarize what you want from influencers, e.g. Posts of you or our product, Posts of pointing to our website, Posts of our restaurant meals.
– Does the influencer need the product?
– Tags to include in the post, e.g. @LoongList, #LoongList.
– Describe the content you would like from influencers
– Give to the influencers a source of inspiration for the kind of content you expect to receive from them. You can also indicate which images can be used by the influencers for the post (repost). You can upload images or videos

– Campaigns with video and stunning images have a much higher chance of success.
– Use the most advanced, human-friendly WYSIWYG text editor below to manage your campaign’s content and layout, revise, polish and preview repeatedly before you launch.
– The project will NOT be approved for lack of adequate content and an unprofessional project main image.
– Don’t know how to pitch, or need to write an engaging LoongList campaign? Please select Project Pitch Writing on EXTRAS.

– DO NOT use music, images, video, or other content that you don’t have the rights to. Reusing copyrighted material is almost always against the law and can lead to expensive lawsuits down the road. The easiest way to avoid copyright troubles is to create all the content yourself or use content that is free for public use.
– DO NOT include your contact details in your project content.


What are the Terms and Conditions that come with completing your campaign, please include Dos and Don’ts.


Your Marketing budget is the amount you would like to pay for influencers who have been approved to collaborating with your campaign. The Marketing Budget only be changed when any collaboration has been successfully approved at your end, LoongList will hold the payment until the chosen influencers have been delivering you content via their social media.

– Please select Marketing Budget Cap wisely, you can NOT change once you move to the next step.

If you approve more influencers than the number you have set on “BASICS” on your live campaign, your marketing expense may exceed your budget.



  • We just need you to understand and agree with our guidelines & legal stuff.



  • You can either select brilliant Add-ons to give your campaign listing a boost or simply “Save & Continue”.
  • We strongly recommend you chose Add-ons.



  • You can preview your campaign card and campaign page. Be sure you do one final check to ensure that all the applicable fields are filled out as you desire.
  • Once you click “Checkout & Submit for Approval“, it means you agree to LoongList’s Terms of Use and your campaign will send to our Projects Management Team to view. 
  • It will take up to 3 working days for review.



  • If you select one or more Add-ons, a payment box will appear and you need to follow the payment steps to finalize the process.


What if your campaign has NOT yet been approved

  • If your campaign has NOT yet been approved, we will send push notification and a reminder will show on the top of “Details” in your campaign listing.

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