Justin Ndebele

Slush Monkey PBC
  • Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
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To have your own business means that you need to be a book keeper, a human resources manager, a marketing manager, a sales manager, an operations manager, a project manager as well as being well-versed in your specific trade. There aren’t many entrepreneurs who can say they have experience in all these areas. The skills someone should have, better enable them to make a success of any business they buy or create. I believe every business owner should have the majority of the skills mentioned above, but more importantly a wealth of experience. A significant amount of my experience is what I will bring to the project. I have experience setting clear goals, so I always know where I am going, I understand the importance of vision, so I always know why I am doing what I’m doing; whether that be managing the microcosm of my daily life to the macrocosm of a project and because I understand how I’m going to do what I set out to, I harvest a high degree of confidence from this knowing, a skill that’s been necessary to cultivate over the years.