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What is the concept of influence, and being an influencer?

Nowadays more and more people are joining in “Influencer” category, we thought it might help to know what being an influencer means. Are influencers more than just people with a vast number of followers?

So what is the concept of influence, and being an influencer?

An influencer is an individual or group who has the power to influence the buying choices of others due to his/her authority, expertise, position, or connection with his/her audience.

An influencer is adhering to a distinctive niche, with whom she or he proactively involves. The size of the following relies on the dimension of his/her expertise or experience of that niche.

Now that influencers have the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others. It means brands can collaborate with these individuals and transform their audiences into consumers to achieve their marketing goals. Brands love social media influencers because they are diversified, they create trends and they encourage their followers to make an immediate decision.

People separate different types of influencers in different ways, but I intend to group influencers by the industry vertical in which they focus. This may explain why many mega-influencers / celebrities have less influence on their audiences. The main reason is they lack expertise in that dedicated vertical nitch. As we can see some micro-influencers can have a huge impact on their followers in their specific field. They influence their audiences to choose one product over another, they’re considered a market influencer.

Being an influencer needs more quality, which means, from taking the concept of influencer we’ve mentioned above, to what they create, how they behave, and how they engage online. The best influencers have one thing in common. They have consistently built their reputation through quality content.

The influencer’s follower numbers depend on their subject of expertise, being an influencer, you have to understand your nitch, and you should know how to get the followers to pay attention and learn. Some of you are born with it, some need to develop the skill-set.

A true influencer should be authentic and professional. They are fast learners, they are self-discipline and longsighted, they work hard and focus, all these extra qualities make it easy to monetize their influence.

Let me ask you a question at last: do you think you are a real influencer? Or, can you affect the purchasing decisions of others? I will teach you how accordingly, see you next time…


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