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LoongList Influencer Marketing Platform Step By Step Tutorial Part 1

For Advertisers.

LoongList is an Influencer Marketing Platform where influencers promote your brand, products, or services and drive more sales around the world. Ready to launch products or services, & build brand awareness? Create campaigns to collaborate with micro to top influencers and transform their cross-border and local audiences into consumers.

Step 1 – Showcase Brands, Products & Services

Make a good first impression, introduce your campaign objectives, and entice influencers to learn more. This basic information will represent your marketing campaign on your campaign page, on your campaign card, and in searches. Don’t forget to Select brilliant features & add-ons to close that deal, then submit your marketing campaign to the LoongList Influencer Marketing platform.

Step 2 – Approach & Connect to Influencers

Interested influencers may leave comments or questions on your campaign page, you will have the first impression which will help you decide who you want to collaborate with.

You can view and manage all your campaign and collaboration requests on the dashboard.

Step 3 – Assign Tasks to Selected Influencers

LoongList Influencer Marketing Platform will hold the payment until the chosen influencers have been delivering your content via their social media and the collaboration has been marked completed on your campaign dashboard.

Collaborate with influencers wisely though.

IF YOU HAVE IT, YOU CAN Bring Your Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign To Life!

Expand your campaign. Expand your influence. Let’s collaborate on the LoongList Influencer Marketing Platform now.

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