LoongList does more than an influencer marketing platform. It builds connections between Loong advertisers and influencers around world from showcasing brands, products and services to achieving brand awareness and increasing sales.

Why Loong?

Loong is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it, in particular, Loong is spiritually linked to the Chinese. highly regarded as the Chinese national symbol. Chinese are proud of being called “descendants of Loong” – (龙的传人).

Why LoongList?

An Influencer marketing & Knowledge Sharing Aggregator. LoongList is a place to promote brands, products, and services, showcase investments, write and read insights, share knowledge & advice, find popular and viral news and more.

Accelerating Connection Forward

It brings together startups, influencers, experts and mentors around the world.





Updated: December 2019